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The Best E-Liquids for Use with Rechargeable Vapes

Selecting the right e-liquid is crucial for maximizing the performance and enjoyment of your rechargeable vape. The best e-liquids offer excellent flavor, vapor production, and compatibility with your device. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the best e-liquids on the market, suitable for various types of rechargeable vapes.

1. Naked 100 E-Liquid

Overview: Naked 100 is renowned for its high-quality ingredients and extensive flavor range. It offers a balance of VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) that suits most vapers.

Best Features:

  • Flavor Variety: From fruits and menthol to tobacco and dessert flavors.
  • Smooth Throat Hit: Perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers.
  • High VG Options: Great for those who prefer larger vapor clouds.

Recommended Use: Naked 100 e-liquids are versatile and work well with both sub-ohm tanks and standard refillable pods. Their high VG blends are particularly good for cloud chasers using higher wattage devices.

2. Vapetasia Killer Kustard

Overview: Vapetasia’s Killer Kustard is a favorite among dessert e-liquid enthusiasts. Known for its rich and creamy custard flavor, it offers a smooth and satisfying vape.

Best Features:

  • Rich, Creamy Flavor: Ideal for those who enjoy dessert flavors.
  • Consistent Quality: Known for its reliable and consistent performance.
  • Balanced VG/PG Ratio: Suitable for various vaping styles.

Recommended Use: This e-liquid is best paired with mid to high wattage rechargeable vapes that can handle its thicker consistency, providing a full-bodied flavor and dense vapor production.

3. Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

Overview: Dinner Lady is famous for its premium dessert flavors, with Lemon Tart being a standout. It captures the essence of a tangy lemon curd layered with meringue and pastry.

Best Features:

  • Award-Winning Flavor: Recognized for its authentic and delicious taste.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Ensures a clean and enjoyable vape.
  • 70/30 VG/PG Ratio: Perfect for both flavor and cloud production.

Recommended Use: Lemon Tart works well with sub-ohm tanks and box mods, delivering robust flavor and satisfying clouds. It’s ideal for those using devices that offer variable wattage settings.

4. SaltNic Mighty Mint

Overview: SaltNic’s Mighty Mint is a simple yet refreshing menthol e-liquid. It’s designed for use with pod systems and offers a smooth nicotine hit without harshness.

Best Features:

  • Pure Menthol Flavor: Crisp and refreshing, perfect for menthol lovers.
  • Nicotine Salt Formula: Provides a smoother throat hit at higher nicotine levels.
  • Ideal for Pod Systems: Optimized for low wattage, high resistance devices.

Recommended Use: Mighty Mint is best suited for rechargeable pod systems like the Uwell Caliburn or Smok Nord, providing a satisfying nicotine experience with excellent menthol flavor.

5. Black Note Prelude

Overview: Black Note specializes in naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids. Prelude offers a smooth Virginia tobacco flavor, making it ideal for former smokers seeking an authentic experience.

Best Features:

  • Authentic Tobacco Flavor: Naturally extracted for a genuine taste.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Free from artificial flavors and sweeteners.
  • 50/50 VG/PG Ratio: Balanced for both flavor and throat hit.

Recommended Use: Prelude is compatible with a wide range of rechargeable vapes, from low-wattage pod systems to higher wattage mods, catering to those who prefer a realistic tobacco taste.

6. Pachamama Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

Overview: Pachamama, by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, is known for its exotic fruit blends. The Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine flavor is a delightful mix of crisp apple, sweet strawberry, and juicy nectarine.

Best Features:

  • Unique Fruit Blend: Offers a complex and refreshing taste.
  • High VG Content: Ideal for cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts.
  • Premium Quality: Ensures consistent performance and flavor.

Recommended Use: This e-liquid shines in sub-ohm tanks and higher wattage devices, delivering intense fruit flavors and thick vapor clouds.

7. Nicotine Salts by Mr. Salt-E

Overview: Mr. Salt-E offers a variety of nicotine salt e-liquids, perfect for those seeking a higher nicotine content with a smoother hit. Popular flavors include Razzlemelon and Strawberry Custard.

Best Features:

  • Smooth Nicotine Delivery: Ideal for those who prefer higher nicotine strengths.
  • Flavor Variety: Wide range of unique and tasty options.
  • Optimized for Pod Systems: Formulated for use in low-wattage devices.

Recommended Use: These nicotine salts are best used in pod systems and lower wattage rechargeable vapes, providing a satisfying nicotine hit without the harshness of freebase nicotine.


Selecting the best e-liquid for your rechargeable vape involves considering your flavor preferences, nicotine needs, and device compatibility. Brands like Naked 100, Vapetasia, Dinner Lady, SaltNic, Black Note, Pachamama, and Mr. Salt-E offer a variety of high-quality options that cater to different vaping styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for robust tobacco flavors, refreshing menthol, sweet desserts, or fruity blends, there’s an e-liquid out there to enhance your vaping experience. Always ensure your e-liquid is compatible with your device to maximize performance and satisfaction.

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